What We Do/Services:

Functionality For Life, LLC provides the following services to help people stay in their home and community.

  • Home Safety and Accessibility Evaluation (partial or whole home)
  • Consultation with Building Professionals: Builders/Remodelers, Designers, Architects
  • Education with Client, Caregivers, Family
  • Adaptive Equipment/Product Recommendation (and help acquiring)


Our Process

Initial Referral – call (813) 442-1204 or email

Jennifer will call to discuss your needs and plan a time to meet.

Initial Visit – Jennifer will visit you in your home to talk about

  • How are you managing your everyday activities?
  • What challenges are you having within your current home layout and your everyday tasks?
  • How could practical solutions meet your needs?

Jennifer will observe how you manage around the home, measure you and your equipment, and your home environment.  This information helps her to learn which products or solutions would fit you best.  She will discuss whether an additional visit is necessary and the level of expertise required to complete the work.  After completion of the initial visit, Jennifer will complete a written evaluation of recommendations to be reviewed with you at the second visit.

Second Visit – Jennifer will complete a review of the evaluation and recommendations from the initial visit with you and/or your family to determine which recommendations seem best suited to your immediate needs.  She can do a second visit with the contractor to discuss the areas of concern and determine if the home modifications can be achieved with ease.  Jennifer can suggest specific products, designs, and finishes to best suit your needs.  The contractor can provide plans, specifications, and cost for work completed based on recommendations to determine which are most feasible.

Follow Up – Jennifer will follow up throughout the modification process with the contractor throughout the process.  Upon conclusion of the home modification process, she will check to make sure you feel comfortable using all equipment and provide any additional training so that it becomes a natural part of your everyday routine to meet your needs.


At this time, FFL is a designated private pay company serving the Tampa area.