Why Choose An Occupational Therapist?

Occupational Therapists are trained to assess how one performs any occupation or activity regardless of physical, cognitive or psychological conditions. Occupations are considered any activity that has meaning.  This is why determining which occupations are most important to each client helps determine the most valuable modifications specific to that client. You wouldn’t want a standard one size fits all approach to making your environment fit your needs.  Occupational therapists use the Person-Environment Occupation (PEO) Model which emphasizes the dynamic relationship between people, their occupations and roles, and the environments in which they live, work and play.  If you’re struggling in your home, maybe it is the house itself that is creating the obstacle and not you.

What are Home Modifications?

Home modifications are solutions that make everyday activities easier.  What can appear to be small home features can have a big impact on a person needing a little help moving around the house.  They can range from no cost or low cost to larger scale modifications.  Anything from ensuring proper lighting or improving open pathways of travel to installing accessible bathrooms or entries.  Regardless of the size or scale of the modifications, the key is to help maximize quality of life.

Why Should I Bother?

The largest growing segment of the population is 85+.  So what happens as we age and we gradually stop doing the things we enjoy?  We should look at how can we prevent this.  Making relatively small changes in our living spaces and daily strategies can keep us active in our homes and communities.  The cost of an average remodel is $15,000 according to the National Association of Home Builders.  Additionally, remodeling on average, adds an additional 10 years of living in your home.  However, when you compare that to the average of $50-100,000 a year expense of an assisted living facility or nursing home, the savings is astronomical.  Additionally, the 65+ population is at greatest risk of falls.  60% of falls occur in the home.  Falls are preventable and normal aging itself is not a cause of falls.  Why not make changes to prevent a life changing fall?  For a fraction of the cost of a nursing home, clients can have their existing home modified to create a barrier free environment that gives their freedom back and reduces the risk and fear of falling.

What are the long term gains?

When you put the right plan in place, your home can become barrier free improving your quality of life by providing the support you need.  You can move about comfortably and maintain your independence.  You’re creating a healthy home to keep yourself happy and active.  By doing so, you can remain in your community near loved ones, friends, and community supports.  You’re keeping the familiar surroundings you know and love, the reason you call them home.  Finally, you are increasing your overall safety to decrease fall risks and hazards.  Thus, allowing you to live your life to the fullest.

Jennifer’s Fee Schedule
  • Initial Phone Consultation Free
  • In Home Assessment $125/hour
  • Consultation with Building Professional $125/hour
  • Education/Training with Family/Client $125/hour

Jennifer can work with your builder or help you find a qualified builder.